A 5-Day Crash Course For Home Studio Music Producers On How To Attract Artists On Autopilot, Build Trust Via Email, And Create The Foundation To Scale Your Income

A Beginner’s Guide to Educational Email Courses for Home Studio Music Producers:Are you posting before & after work-tapes? Get the lowdown on the secret sauce to bring in clients while keeping the beats rolling.Are you recording free demos? Get the hang of steering your studio’s growth and say goodbye to empty free demo promises.

Everything you need to know to upgrade your email opt-in strategy giving you the clarity to focus on what you love: CREATING MUSIC.

My name is Jesse Holguin.🤘Nashville-based Songwriter/Producer.I Ghostwrite Educational Email Courses for Home Studio Music Producers so they fuel subscriber growth.

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🏁 Day 1: Harnessing the power of educational email courses for your target artists. (Valuable insights in a jiffy!)🏁 Day 2: Revealing and resolving the 3 common roadblocks most home studio producers face. (Problem-solving made easy!)🏁 Day 3 Action time - 3 steps to creating your own email course. (Unlock your growth, instantly!)🏁 Day 4 Upgrade alert - 3 simple tweaks that can supercharge your course's growth. (Big value, minimal effort!)🏁 Day 5: Rounding up with 3 best practices for perpetual momentum. (Stay on top, effortlessly!)